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Partners 2ARC






MARC Solutions is an India based software company that develops cloud based applications for managing access risks and controls, notably for SAP systems.
Website: marc4grc.com.






XSControl is an organization focussed on implementing answers to questions about internal controls in SAP applications.
Website: xscontrol.asia.




2ARC is a knowledge partner of the Centrum Informatiebeveiliging en Privacybescherming (Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection / CIP).

The CIP is a public-private network organisation, founded by the following organisations of the Dutch government: Dutch tax service, DUO, SVB and UWV. The information processes of these executive organisations must meet the criteria of availability, integrity and confidentiality. Due to the increasing digitization of work processes and communication with citizens on the one hand and the growing security risks on the other, this requires more attention than ever before. The CIP bundles and shares the knowledge and experiences of a large number of government organisations and market parties that have joined as knowledge partners.
Website: cip-overheid.nl/en/.