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Partners 2ARC

MARC Solutions is an India based software company that develops cloud based applications, MARC4GRC, for managing access risks and controls, notably for SAP systems.
Website: marc4grc.com.

XS Control is an organization focussed on implementing answers to questions about internal controls in SAP applications.
Website: xscontrol.asia.

2ARC is a knowledge partner of the Centrum Informatiebeveiliging en Privacybescherming (Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection / CIP).

The CIP is a public-private network organisation, founded by the following organisations of the Dutch government: Dutch tax service, DUO, SVB and UWV. The information processes of these executive organisations must meet the criteria of availability, integrity and confidentiality. Due to the increasing digitization of work processes and communication with citizens on the one hand and the growing security risks on the other, this requires more attention than ever before. The CIP bundles and shares the knowledge and experiences of a large number of government organisations and market parties that have joined as knowledge partners.
Website: cip-overheid.nl/en/.

MARC Solutions – global partner of the Institute for Global Digital Creativity and Relevance (IGDCR).

2ARC in the Netherlands, together with MARC Solutions in Bangalore-India and XS Control in Singapore are working together as experts in the audit and compliance area, specialized on SAP. Our core common objective is to make the MARC4GRC suite available to SAP partners and customers. MARC is an easy-to-deploy, modular software application that helps SAP partners and customers in managing access risks and controls in SAP systems.

The Institute for Global Digital Creativity and Relevance (IGDCR) in Germany is a knowledge network and leading institute for global enterprise transformation in our digitizing economy.

IGDCR has recognized the value of MARC4GRC software for addressing the access risks in a highly digitized enterprise using SAP ERP applications and has engaged MARC Solutions as global partner in their network. Organizations who seek guidance in their transformation process e.g. migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, can reach out to IGDCR and check out their Digital Transformation Inspection Offering (DTI) and the IGDCR partner network.

Click the link IGDCR for more information.
We are happy to be part of the network and look forward to deliver our contribution in the digitized economy.