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Authorization Management

Authorizations in SAP are very complex and are likely to be in a non-transparent device thereby often unsafe. From experience figures show that 40 to 60% of users too much or have incorrect permissions. Do you know the current state of affairs concerning authorizations?

  • Is the system easy to maintain?
  • Do I pay the appropriate license cost?
  • Is clear who, which transactions can perform?
  • Is the desired role separation also reflected in the system authorizations?
  • Which user has access to which transactions?
  • Does the special SAP users have the correct rights?
  • Which user has access to which organizational units?
  • Do I have the emergency access (emergency access) well regulated?
  • Is my documentation in order?
  • Do I have the SAP parameters set correctly?

2ARC offers the possibility to perform an authorization scan in 1 day within your company by making a snapshot of the current state of affairs. Interested in this? Please contact us.