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MARC is a new software suit for GRC on SAP.
It contains the regular GRC modules of which each can be implemented seperately, in a very cost effective way.

MARC is a vision and result of SAP GRC consultants with wide array of project experience focused on Security and Access Controls implementations.

The secret ingredient of the MARC product suite is that we know how to manage, control and restrict accesses efficiently and effectively.

Like any other technology that seeks to be relevant and up-to-date, MARC’s development is an ongoing process, ensuring continual improvement.

MARC – reliable compliance solutions made accessible.

MARC includes the following modules:MARC logo2

ACM Access Conflict Monitor
Online and off-line monitoring of SAP Segregation of Duties conflicts, Critical permissions of users, roles in multiple SAP systems with simulation option and dashboard reporing.

REM Risk Execution Monitor
Monitoring and reporting on executed risk and executed transactions.

ICM Internal Control Monitor
Monitor effectiveness of SAP Configuration, Master Data and Transactional key controls and report the discrepancies to business process owners. Click here for more information about  ICM.

CAM Compliant Access Management
User account provisioning management supported by integrated Risk analysis and the workflow to track, accelerate the approval process.

PAM Privilege Access Management
Grants emergency/broad access to support teams in a controlled way. All the transactions are used by Privilege ID are tracked and reviewed. Click here for more information about PAM.

PSS Password Self-Service
User self service for password reset and unlock actions with LDAP integration.

For some interesting video’s about MARC, please click here.