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ICM: Internal Control Monitoring

The control monitoring module of MARC is meant for automated (exception) controls with a workflow for deficiencies. A control owner is automatically notified in case of an exception.
ICM can connect to multiple SAP systems and performs a continuous check on configuration settings, master data, etc.

ICM has the following features:

  • executes automated controls;
  • reports deficiencies in controls;
  • assigns deficiencies to owners;
  • tracks status of reported deficiencies;
  • a Dashboard for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Different types of controls are handles with ICM:

  • Manual Controls
  • Automated Controls
  • Access Violations (preconfigured SoD controls)

ICM is delivered with controls catalogues for :

  • Controls (automated) on master data checks
  • Controls (automated) on configuration checks
  • Pre-defined controls for SoD’s (Access Violations controls)

ICM contains also built-in query functionality to create your own controls and/or finetune predefined automated controls.