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MARC is introducing integrated GRC suit!

MARC has introduced a fully integrated GRC suit with several modules which cover the full GRC spectrum:

ACM : Access Conflict Monitor
• Online monitoring of SAP
• Feature separation conflicts and critical
• User access and (authorization)
• Roll in multiple SAP systems

REM : Risk Execution Monitor
• Reporting the function-sharing risks
• Which are actually user (s)
• Performed on the SAP systems

ICM : Internal Control Monitor
• Monitoring the effectiveness of SAP
• Configuration, master data and transactional key controls
• Reporting deviations to the process owners

CAM : Compliant Access Management
• Management of Authorization (Role) Assignment
• With integrated risk analysis to prevent future separation conflicts and for workflow

PAM : Privilege Access Management
• Grant privilege access to support teams in a controlled way
• Get rid of assigning super user roles to users in production systems

PSS: Password Self-Service
• With a LDAP connection SAP can log in to MARC easily with their network ID and password, so they can reset and unlock their own SAP account.