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MARC – PAM module: Controlled emergency access and understandable log-reports

Everyone wants reliable information. We cater for this by tight access security to an information system: restrict access to critical functionality and avoid access violating Segregation of Duties rules. And next we ensure that, after acceptance of the information system by the user organization, no configuration changes can be made directly in the productive system. … Continued

SAAS solution for MARC GRC suit

For some time now 2ARC has been active with the MARC GRC suit. 2ARC is glad to announce that MARC for GRC can now be offered also as a SAAS solution (software as a service). MARC GRC consist of several modules which all are available from the cloud. So a flexibel solution for your complaince! … Continued

MARC is introducing integrated GRC suit!

MARC has introduced a fully integrated GRC suit with several modules which cover the full GRC spectrum: ACM : Access Conflict Monitor • Online monitoring of SAP • Feature separation conflicts and critical • User access and (authorization) • Roll in multiple SAP systems REM : Risk Execution Monitor • Reporting the function-sharing risks • … Continued

Security risks with new SAP technologies

SAP is continuously improving their products with new features and new technology. Thereby is the focus on business improvements and giving end users a better SAP experience. It’s not surprising that security hasn’t got first priority. Certainly, it’s always a part of the new developments, but it’s (similar as the non security aspects) never fully … Continued

Website 2ARC updated!

The 2ARC website is updated! Originally the website was only in the Dutch language. Since business is expanding and getting more global the website is upgraded and available in English as well.